Lease Funding Options

When it comes to funding your fleet vehicles, no two businesses are the same. That’s why at AUS Vehicle Leasing we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke solutions and offer a range of finance products to suit your needs. We are very unique in the fact that we can tailor the fleet contract with as many, or as little services and products as you require. We’ll help you choose the best package for your business needs whether it includes passenger, light and/or heavy commercial vehicles, and then take care of all the details for you.
We’ll help you choose the best package for your business while keeping you within your budget. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible and can scale our range of services to accommodate the varying requirements of our clients.

Find out more about our range of lease funding options below.

Operating Lease

One of our leasing options is the Operating Lease, which involves an assessment of your vehicle requirements, including factors such as annual kilometre usage, the required length of lease and your preferred budget. With this information on hand, our professionals will be able to devise a lease arrangement tailored to your specific needs. The package could include a range of additional services and benefits, including maintenance plans, fuel cards, reporting and more.


  • Gain peace of mind with a fixed monthly repayment based on years or kilometres
  • No costly risks associated with ownership
  • An operating Lease is a fully integrated, tax deductible, off-balance sheet leasing option that allows you to accurately budget for the total costs associated with running your fleet
  • An operating lease takes away the headaches and risks associated with managing fleet vehicles and allows you to concentrate on your core business without the additional overheads
  • Convenience – at the end of the lease simply hand the vehicle back (in accordance with Fair Wear and Tear guidelines), or have the option to drive away in a new vehicle
  • An ideal lease option for a business needing to upgrade vehicles and have the most current models
  • Choose any or all of the Fleet management services we offer to form part of this monthly payment
  • This payment can cover the costs of acquisition, service & maintenance, tyres, batteries, windscreens, registration, accident management, fuel, insurance, roadside assist, in vehicle monitoring and replacement vehicles
  • A fully maintained operating lease allows you to pick and choose the fleet management services you need

At the end of the lease agreement you can choose from a number of risk free flexible options. See what your end of lease options are.  A fully maintained Operating Lease from AUS Vehicle Leasing is our most popular method of funding a fleet of vehicles.

The tax treatment for leases will change in 2019, with Operating Leases appearing on the balance sheet as liabilities – please check with your accountant for more information.

Finance Lease

Get your vehicles on the road faster with a simple straight forward Finance Lease and build equity with your payments.  A Finance Lease is used to finance a new or used car with tax-deductible, fixed monthly repayments and a pre-determined residual value payable at the end of the term. A Finance Lease allows you the flexibility to access the vehicles you need for your business and without the large purchase cost and outlay of important cash reserves.


  • Large purchase cost is replaced with manageable fixed monthly payments
  • Finance options available for most vehicle types, including cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles.
  • Ownership of the vehicle remains with AUS Vehicle Leasing, but the asset value will appear on your balance sheet
  • Enjoy no significant large outlay and payment may be tax deductible
  • The Finance is structured to suit your cash flow
  • Our affiliation with Thrifty Car & Truck Rental means we have a strong buyer position so you receive the best pricing through our preferred network
  • For even greater convenience you can choose a maintained Finance Lease. This bundles vehicle running costs and our Fleet Management Services including fuel, service and maintenance, registration, insurance, tyres, and more – into the one monthly repayment
  • Alternatively, you can finance just the vehicle through a non-maintained option
  • Towards the end of your lease, AUS Vehicle Leasing will present all the flexible options available to you; paying the pre-determined residual value to own the vehicle outright is a popular option.
  • Other End of Lease options are available, find out more

The length of your Finance Lease contract can vary and will be arranged by our team beforehand to ensure you get the most value from our service. Once the contract has expired, there are a number of flexible end of lease arrangements to suit your requirements.