Fleet Leasing

With years of experience acquiring, maintaining and managing Thrifty Car & Truck Rental Group’s fleet of vehicles, our team at AUS Vehicle Leasing can help you choose the right passenger or commercial vehicle for your business and manage complex builds as per your industry requirements.

The trusted leasing specialists in WA

We specialise in the acquisition, financing and management of cars and commercial vehicles including trucks, buses, 4WD’s and vans. We are not owned by a bank or vehicle manufacturer, which enables us to provide complete objectivity regarding finance and vehicle choice.

Our dedicated account management team will help you determine the right vehicle for your personal or commercial needs, where we can also provide detailed “whole of life” cost analysis. Our customers benefit from ongoing advice and assistance in making strategic decisions, often leading to great savings for businesses.

Given our relationship with the Thrifty Car and Truck Rental Group in WA, we have strong buying power which allows us to source the right vehicles for your business at the right prices.

How to decide which solution is best for your business

Wondering whether to lease or buy cars for your business, or if it’s better to manage your own fleet or get someone to do it for you? Cars are among the top expenses most businesses have. Don’t leave anything to chance, which is why outsourcing the leasing and management of your business cars or commercials to proven experts such as AUS Vehicle Leasing is a smart option. Leasing a car or commercial vehicle is a simple and cost-effective way for your business to invest in a critical asset to support sustainable growth. You’ll have the freedom to remove asset ownership and depreciation risk, as well as ensure known, fixed operating costs are in place. Outsourcing the leasing and management of your business vehicles also allows you to have cash flow certainty with this significant business expense, as well as having the ability to boost your balance sheets.

The benefits of leasing with us at AUS Vehicle Leasing include:

  • Specialised maintenance and technical support
  • Having access to our in-house mechanical servicing facilities at Thrifty Car & Truck Rental Group branches throughout WA
  • With 40 years of maintaining our own fleet of vehicles, we have experience with servicing and repairs of all makes and models, as well as providing technical advice in accordance with manufacturer standards
  • We also provide tyres, batteries and windscreen repairs, and even if these are not included in your fully-maintained package, you will still enjoy savings across these services
  • We can reduce downtime, as we have all services covered under one roof and access to the entire Thrifty fleet network of hire vehicles to keep your drivers on the road
  • With one easy payment, let us handle everything from purchasing, maintenance, management and disposal
  • Off balance sheet assets and improved cash flow
  • No initial capital outlay
  • Easier budgeting and reporting
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Tailored packages to suit requirements including maintenance, registration, insurance, accident management and fuel
  • Flexible leasing options available, such as operating Lease/Finance Lease (with or without maintenance)
  • Upgrade assets more regularly

To speak to our team at AUS Vehicle Leasing about our available commercial and personal fleet leasing options, contact us today on (08) 9464 8851 for more information.

Fleet Car Lease Options

Whether it’s a small-sized economical car, larger sedan or SUV, our team at AUS Vehicle Leasing will work closely with your business to determine the best vehicle for your needs. We will negotiate the best price on your behalf and implement a range of optimal fleet care lease solutions for you. Through our preferred dealer network and unique purchasing process, we ensure the best possible prices and delivery lead times for your passenger vehicles.

As the experts in fleet car and vehicle leasing, our experience and knowledge is second to none. With over 3000 commercial and personal vehicles acquired, managed and maintained throughout the Thrifty Car & Truck Rental Group in WA, it’s the reason why we are WA’s first choice for fleet car and vehicle leasing. We’re also experts in mining vehicle leasing for clients who operate in the mining sector as well. We provide a full range of funding options with fully-maintained and non-maintained operating and finance leases. We also offer a suite of fleet management services to help your business and your drivers.

No matter the size of your business, we have a range of products and services that can be tailored and packaged to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our fleet car and vehicle lease options available.

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Leasing Options

AUS Vehicle Leasing provides fleet solutions for some of WA’s best-known corporations who require commercial vehicles and trucks of all sizes to help their business function smoothly. Being part of the AUS Fleet Solutions Group, which includes the Thrifty Car & Truck Rental Group, AUS Vehicle Leasing recognises that fleets with a significant light commercial component usually involves additional and sometimes unique complex requirements.

We have considerable experience and expertise in complex builds, preparing vehicles for harsh conditions and remote locations, as well as GPS and vehicle tracking solutions. We have extensive experience in custom vehicle builds for our Thrifty Rental commercial fleet, and we’re able to provide this in-house service for all of our lease vehicles, making sure your fleet is fit for purpose.

When you liaise with our fleet leasing consultants, we can also provide you with tailored preventative maintenance packages to reflect the type of industry you operate in and the use of the vehicle, ensuring your fleet operates at optimum efficiency. We have strong experience in managing mining and construction applications for clients right around Western Australia, and our consultants are also on hand to guide you through our range of funding and management options on offer as well.

To learn more about our range of commercial and personal fleet vehicle options available at AUS Vehicle Leasing, contact us today to see what we can provide for you.