End Of Lease

As your leasing contract comes to a close, you’ll need to return your fleet vehicles to one of Thrifty’s WA branches as previously arranged. When returning your vehicles, ensure:

  • Each vehicle is in a satisfactory condition (with age and kilometres taken into account)
  • Accessories, keys, service books and any other items supplied with the vehicle are returned at the same time

Once you have returned the vehicles, we’ll conduct an inspection of any damage as per the information available in the Australian Finance Industry Association’s Fair Wear and Tear Guide. This guide describes what is considered reasonable in terms of the degree of deterioration at the end of the lease.

Before the end of your lease, our team will be more than happy to discuss your flexible end of term options moving forward. Enquire below or call (08) 9464 8851 to find out more.

Operating Lease

For those ending an operating lease, you have several options available:

  • Extend or modify the existing contract
  • Upgrade to new fleet vehicles
  • Purchase the vehicles
  • Return the vehicles and end the lease

Finance Lease

For those concluding a finance lease, you have a choice of several options:

  • Pay the residual value and take ownership of the vehicle
  • Extend the lease
  • Pay the residual value and upgrade to a new vehicle
  • Return the vehicles